No Fumbles or Ints in THIS End Zone–Only Touchdowns!

Sorry wing fans, I’ve been derelict as your guide through wing country.  The flu, parental duties,  and general procrastination have kept me from the blog.    At long last, I have a review for you.

I had heard good things about the wings at Archer’s End Zone, informally known as The End Zone (ratings at bottom), but never made it there due to logistics and weather.  This past Saturday, my daughter Lou and I made the 45 minute trek north on 81 to Pulaski–a haven for salmon fishing, snowmobiling, and wing enthusiasts.

After a few wrong turns, we eventually arrived at The End Zone, a small looking place with a log cabin style facade and big parking lot.   While Lou was still napping I surveyed the place from the parking lot.  I didn’t see too much activity going on, until I saw two women having a smoke and chatting outside the back entrance.  The women (later introduced as Jackie and Kat) informed us that they were open for business and welcomed us in.

Jackie, the bartender/cook/waitress and Kat made us feel at home.  While we waited, Jackie and Kat gave me the down low on Pulaski and the The End Zone patrons–specifically the snowmobilers and fishermen.  They confirmed something I already suspected (see Sherill’s Marble Hill Inn), the snowmobile set are prone to tippling late into the night.  Jackie brought over the menus and accommodated Lou by turning the TV to the cartoon network.  Following a sauce consultation with Jackie, I decided on regular hot and a side of the XXX and Lou got a cheeseburger.

Our wings and cheeseburger came out.   The wings had the characteristic Grand Canyon-red color of cayenne.  They were served in the rowboat shaped paper bowl dillio that I used to get my fries in after little league baseball.  For me, this is the ideal presentation for wings.  I never understand why some places serve them on a bed of lettuce.  The lettuce soaks up all the sauce and it looks stupid.  There’s no dressing up wings–styrofoam or rowboat or a regular plate, but never lettuce.  No skimping on sauce at the End Zone, and it’s a good thing because they strike the right balance with heat, tang, and butter.   The side of XXX was nice, too, garlic flavor dominates with accents of jalapenos and cayenne.  Jackie also brought out the signature house sauce, which already has blue cheese mixed in.   I put this on some of Lou’s fries, which were also impressive.  I should have asked for some of the house sauce to bring home with me.   The wings were med-large (perfect) in size and the crisp-factor was about average, but the coating of sauce they slather on accounts for that.

If you’re into wings and happen to be in and around Pulaski definitely stop in and try The End Zone.   Jackie will take care of you and the wings and fries rule.

On a scale of 5 Wings (1 worst and 5 best):

Archers End Zone
3435  Maple Ave
Pulaski, NY 13142
Phone: (315)298-7788

Name: Extra Hot (Traditional)

Overall: 4 wings
Sauce: 4 wings
Heat Index: 3 wings
Size: 4 wings
Crispness: 3 wings
Tenderness: 4 wings

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2 Responses to No Fumbles or Ints in THIS End Zone–Only Touchdowns!

  1. Jaqi says:

    Thank u for the positive feedback. I’ll work on the xxx hotness 🙂 kat n I are waiting for your return with your girl. Come visit us again sometime.

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