Found Fool’s Gold When I Tried Wings at NYC’s 1849

183 Bleecker St.
NY, NY 10012
Wing Special .20 wings every day 3pm – 6pm

On a scale of 5 Wings (1 worst and 5 best):

Name: Extra Hot (Traditional)
Overall: 2
Sauce: 2
Heat Index: 2
Size: 2
Crispness: 3
Tenderness: 3


I don’t like giving bad reviews, but as your wing sherpa, you’ve entrusted me to guide you on the best and safest route, avoiding crevasses and presciently recognizing the signs of a looming storm, to ultimately summit the Mt. Everest of wings wherever and whenever that may be.  Enough of my yammering, on the recommendation of a coworker who happens to be from Buffalo, I skipped my original wing destination in Brooklyn for 1849 which was closer to where I would later be meeting up with a friend.   Being from Buffalo, it’s inconceivable that she would refer me to this place.   She’s either a complete novice when it comes to wings or she wasn’t thinking clearly because 1849’s wings are sub par in almost every way.

There’s no palimpsest of flavors here, just salt and butter. They call to mind the TGI Friday’s wings found in the frozen section of any Walgreen’s or Rite Aid.  I asked for extra hot, but got extra salt and butter–heat was nonexistent.   These wings were most definitely frozen, lightly breaded, and extra small–and misshapen.  Mutant wings is what they were.   The crisp factor was the only redeeming quality for these hapless boys.  One other highlight is 1849’s .20 wing happy hour everyday from 3 – 6–a good deal for NYC.

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2 Responses to Found Fool’s Gold When I Tried Wings at NYC’s 1849

  1. Palmimsest? I had to look that one up. You’re like the James Joyce of Wing bloggers.

    • wingaddict says:

      Dear Kevin,

      Thanks for the compliment. I’m sure James Joyce would be honored to be mentioned in the same breath as a wing blogger. Funny, I was thinking about tackling Ulysses recently.

      I’ll be home 6/18 – 6/26. Pic-a-lilli?



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