Wings at South Jersey’s Buffalo Quarters are Worth Visit

Buffalo Quarters
1225 South Gate Plaza
1225 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd. (561)
Voorhees, NJ 08043

On a scale of 5 Wings (1 worst and 5 best):

Name: Smokers (non-traditional, more of a honey bbq)

Overall: 3 1/2
Sauce: 3 1/2
Heat Index: 3 1/2
Size: 3
Crispness: 2
Tenderness: 3


I was back in my old ‘hood in South Jersey and on a tip from a friend I tried the wings at Buffalo Quarters in Voorhees, NJ.   A stone’s throw away from where I grew up, Buffalo Quarters is located in a small, nondescript shopping plaza and is easy to miss if you happened to be driving by and were craving wings.  Hopefully, their location won’t spell their demise because I like their wings.   If they’d been around ’86 – ’92, I would have been a frequent customer.

Buffalo Quarters big claim is that their wings are left in situ, whereas other places separate wing and drum resulting in less for more money.  The day I went I ordered 13 wings, but because their normal supplier was out of their “completely intact” wings she gave me 26.  I should have eaten them immediately to keep in adherence with my rigorous testing methods (now working on an algorithmic formula to account for bias), but I drove over to my friend’s place a short distance which definitely compromised the crispy factor.  I opened the tinfoil tray and was pleased with the size, smell, look, and ample amount of sauce.   At first bite you get a tangy blast that lasts for a few seconds then melds into into a mellow honey-bbq flavor.  Definitely not the typical base of Frank’s Red Hot or Crystal.  I was slightly disappointed with the heat, but by the 8th wing the heat kicks in–creeping heat–and I had a nice bead going on the back of my neck.  They were good size and they came with tons of sauce.  The sauce was a little on the thin side.   It’s a different sauce, but in a good way, sort of a wing au jus.  I had a lot left over and could have used some french bread.   One gripe is that I didn’t get blue cheese, not sure if the girl that made them forgot it or if you have to order separately.  They weren’t among the best I’ve had, but they stand up to most places and the sauce gets points for originality.  They’re good for a Sunday in the Fall.

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2 Responses to Wings at South Jersey’s Buffalo Quarters are Worth Visit

  1. Sara says:

    Just came across your blog via googling the Hill in Sherrill NY (boyfriend family lives down the street from there) IF you still are on the quest for the BEST wings you will ever have. Union Jacks in Philadelphia (Manayunk), its on Umbra Street. I lived around the corner from this bar. Amazing. Easy to get to from the Schuylkill.

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