Wings at South Jersey’s Buffalo Quarters are Worth Visit

Buffalo Quarters
1225 South Gate Plaza
1225 Haddonfield-Berlin Rd. (561)
Voorhees, NJ 08043

On a scale of 5 Wings (1 worst and 5 best):

Name: Smokers (non-traditional, more of a honey bbq)

Overall: 3 1/2
Sauce: 3 1/2
Heat Index: 3 1/2
Size: 3
Crispness: 2
Tenderness: 3


I was back in my old ‘hood in South Jersey and on a tip from a friend I tried the wings at Buffalo Quarters in Voorhees, NJ.   A stone’s throw away from where I grew up, Buffalo Quarters is located in a small, nondescript shopping plaza and is easy to miss if you happened to be driving by and were craving wings.  Hopefully, their location won’t spell their demise because I like their wings.   If they’d been around ’86 – ’92, I would have been a frequent customer.

Buffalo Quarters big claim is that their wings are left in situ, whereas other places separate wing and drum resulting in less for more money.  The day I went I ordered 13 wings, but because their normal supplier was out of their “completely intact” wings she gave me 26.  I should have eaten them immediately to keep in adherence with my rigorous testing methods (now working on an algorithmic formula to account for bias), but I drove over to my friend’s place a short distance which definitely compromised the crispy factor.  I opened the tinfoil tray and was pleased with the size, smell, look, and ample amount of sauce.   At first bite you get a tangy blast that lasts for a few seconds then melds into into a mellow honey-bbq flavor.  Definitely not the typical base of Frank’s Red Hot or Crystal.  I was slightly disappointed with the heat, but by the 8th wing the heat kicks in–creeping heat–and I had a nice bead going on the back of my neck.  They were good size and they came with tons of sauce.  The sauce was a little on the thin side.   It’s a different sauce, but in a good way, sort of a wing au jus.  I had a lot left over and could have used some french bread.   One gripe is that I didn’t get blue cheese, not sure if the girl that made them forgot it or if you have to order separately.  They weren’t among the best I’ve had, but they stand up to most places and the sauce gets points for originality.  They’re good for a Sunday in the Fall.

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Found Fool’s Gold When I Tried Wings at NYC’s 1849

183 Bleecker St.
NY, NY 10012
Wing Special .20 wings every day 3pm – 6pm

On a scale of 5 Wings (1 worst and 5 best):

Name: Extra Hot (Traditional)
Overall: 2
Sauce: 2
Heat Index: 2
Size: 2
Crispness: 3
Tenderness: 3


I don’t like giving bad reviews, but as your wing sherpa, you’ve entrusted me to guide you on the best and safest route, avoiding crevasses and presciently recognizing the signs of a looming storm, to ultimately summit the Mt. Everest of wings wherever and whenever that may be.  Enough of my yammering, on the recommendation of a coworker who happens to be from Buffalo, I skipped my original wing destination in Brooklyn for 1849 which was closer to where I would later be meeting up with a friend.   Being from Buffalo, it’s inconceivable that she would refer me to this place.   She’s either a complete novice when it comes to wings or she wasn’t thinking clearly because 1849’s wings are sub par in almost every way.

There’s no palimpsest of flavors here, just salt and butter. They call to mind the TGI Friday’s wings found in the frozen section of any Walgreen’s or Rite Aid.  I asked for extra hot, but got extra salt and butter–heat was nonexistent.   These wings were most definitely frozen, lightly breaded, and extra small–and misshapen.  Mutant wings is what they were.   The crisp factor was the only redeeming quality for these hapless boys.  One other highlight is 1849’s .20 wing happy hour everyday from 3 – 6–a good deal for NYC.

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No Fumbles or Ints in THIS End Zone–Only Touchdowns!

Sorry wing fans, I’ve been derelict as your guide through wing country.  The flu, parental duties,  and general procrastination have kept me from the blog.    At long last, I have a review for you.

I had heard good things about the wings at Archer’s End Zone, informally known as The End Zone (ratings at bottom), but never made it there due to logistics and weather.  This past Saturday, my daughter Lou and I made the 45 minute trek north on 81 to Pulaski–a haven for salmon fishing, snowmobiling, and wing enthusiasts.

After a few wrong turns, we eventually arrived at The End Zone, a small looking place with a log cabin style facade and big parking lot.   While Lou was still napping I surveyed the place from the parking lot.  I didn’t see too much activity going on, until I saw two women having a smoke and chatting outside the back entrance.  The women (later introduced as Jackie and Kat) informed us that they were open for business and welcomed us in.

Jackie, the bartender/cook/waitress and Kat made us feel at home.  While we waited, Jackie and Kat gave me the down low on Pulaski and the The End Zone patrons–specifically the snowmobilers and fishermen.  They confirmed something I already suspected (see Sherill’s Marble Hill Inn), the snowmobile set are prone to tippling late into the night.  Jackie brought over the menus and accommodated Lou by turning the TV to the cartoon network.  Following a sauce consultation with Jackie, I decided on regular hot and a side of the XXX and Lou got a cheeseburger.

Our wings and cheeseburger came out.   The wings had the characteristic Grand Canyon-red color of cayenne.  They were served in the rowboat shaped paper bowl dillio that I used to get my fries in after little league baseball.  For me, this is the ideal presentation for wings.  I never understand why some places serve them on a bed of lettuce.  The lettuce soaks up all the sauce and it looks stupid.  There’s no dressing up wings–styrofoam or rowboat or a regular plate, but never lettuce.  No skimping on sauce at the End Zone, and it’s a good thing because they strike the right balance with heat, tang, and butter.   The side of XXX was nice, too, garlic flavor dominates with accents of jalapenos and cayenne.  Jackie also brought out the signature house sauce, which already has blue cheese mixed in.   I put this on some of Lou’s fries, which were also impressive.  I should have asked for some of the house sauce to bring home with me.   The wings were med-large (perfect) in size and the crisp-factor was about average, but the coating of sauce they slather on accounts for that.

If you’re into wings and happen to be in and around Pulaski definitely stop in and try The End Zone.   Jackie will take care of you and the wings and fries rule.

On a scale of 5 Wings (1 worst and 5 best):

Archers End Zone
3435  Maple Ave
Pulaski, NY 13142
Phone: (315)298-7788

Name: Extra Hot (Traditional)

Overall: 4 wings
Sauce: 4 wings
Heat Index: 3 wings
Size: 4 wings
Crispness: 3 wings
Tenderness: 4 wings

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Dear Faithful Readers

Dear Faithful Readers,

I apologize, I have been shirking my duties as a serious wing blogger by not keeping you apprised of the best most scrumptious wings in the CNY, Northeast, and New England.  Thank you for your patience.



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Sudeikis Makes Conan Eat Blazin’ Hot Wings

Sudeikis tests Conan’s intestinal fortitude with blazin’ hot wings.

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Vietnamese Chicken Wings Recipe

Vietnamese Chicken Wings

12 – 20 wings
1 – 2 tbsp of honey
1/4 cup of fresh ginger (chopped)
1/8 cup peanut oil
1 – 2 tbsp of Chili Garlic Sauce (Tuong Ot Toi Vietnam)
chopped fresh thai basil (optional)



Preheat oven to 450.  Space out wings on a cookie sheet and drizzle a small amount of olive oil on them.  Cook for about 15 – 20 until light brown.   Throw wings into frying pan with peanut oil on med-high heat and let them crisp to golden brown.  Take off and let drain on some paper towels.  Add a little more peanut oil, throw wings back in with ginger and cook for minute (until ginger is light brown), then add honey in equal amounts to the wings, throw in chili paste and basil, and stir ingredients together letting the sauce carmelize and bind to the wings.  cook for about 4 – 5 more minutes in sauce on medium.  Ready to eat.

Wash down with a good Pale Ale or IPA.

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Sherrill’s Marble Hill Inn Wings Me Over

In my search for the holy grail of wings, I stumbled upon the Marble Hill Inn (ratings at bottom) in the little town of Sherrill, NY.  Located off the beaten path, Sherrill is about 30 minutes east of Syracuse in the hilly farm country outlying the city.

During my 1/2 an hour drive I checked out my new cd, the Velvet Touch of Los Straitjackets.  I highly recommend it.  I arrived at my destination.  Marble Hill Inn is hard to miss, first, because there’s nothing else around, and second, because there are two wrought-iron winged pigs perched on its roof.

I walked in and noticed about ten helmets lined in a row on a shelf.  Uh oh, I’m in a biker bar, I thought, then I noticed about 1/3 of the bar sporting snow suits.  F’ ME!  I’m in a SNOWMOBILER BAR.  No way was I getting out of this place without being seriously maimed.  Trying to be as inconspicuous as possible in my Dead Milkmen t-shirt, I found a corner spot at the bar away from the bibbed mofos.

They keep it simple at the Marble, choices are mild, med., hot, xtra hot, and bbq.  Went with the xtra hot, of course.  It’s always a crapshoot with wings a grade above hot.  Sometimes they aren’t hot at all, sometimes it’s like Sherman’s March to the Sea in your mouth.  They get it right at the Marble.

While I waited for my wings I took in the scene, watched a monster truck event on tv, and enjoyed the musical stylings of Grand Funk Railroad (Next time you hear “American Band”, pay special attention to the lyrics–there are some real gems in there) , Yes, CCR, and Thin Lizzy.   At last, my little pretties came out.  My god! They looked very very good.  They were medium-large in size and coated in a sauce thicker than normal standards.  I initially thought they weren’t hot enough, but about five wings in the heat kicked in.  Then, by around 12 I had a nice sweat going on the back of the neck–gave me the old irish tan, too.  This cumulative effect is known as “creeping heat”.  The sauce had bbq accents along with a heavy dose of cayenne.   Not sure what else was in there, but they are very good and the sauce is bold and tangy.  The wings were cooked to perfection with a decent crisp factor.  As traditional buffalo wings go, this sauce stands with some of the best I’ve had.  Definitely making the return trip.   If you find yourself  in farm country near Sherill/Oneida New York, I highly recommend stopping in for their Xtra Hot Wings.  And, if you’re the snowmobiling sort, this place is for you.

On a scale of 5 Wings (1 worst and 5 best):

Marble Hill Inn
4482 Marble Road
Oneida, NY 13421

Wing Night Wednesdays

Name: Extra Hot (Traditional)

Overall: 4 wings
Sauce: 4 wings
Heat Index: 4 wings
Size: 4 wings
Crispness: 3 wings
Tenderness: 4 wings

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